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Organizations constantly replace outdated computers. The continuous upgrade cycle has made IT asset disposition (ITAD) a fundamental business process.

Unfortunately, ITAD has become a plaintiff lawyer’s dream come true. While you can outsource activities, but you cannot outsource the ultimate responsibility, especially for safeguarding sensitive data.

Defensible disposition requires independent, Third-Party Verification (TPV).

Veridy provides automated TPV of the entire process of ITAD. Clients can reduce costs, eliminate risk, and avoid conflicts of interest.

Automating TPV frees staff time spent on routine tasks and offers increased control to ensure better compliance.

Hold your ITAD vendors accountable!

Verify chain-of-custody instantly.

Reduce risk and guarantee compliance. Veridy software is vendor-agnostic and works seamlessly with any existing disposal partner.

Save time performing manual updates!

Veridy is integrated with ServiceNow

Save time doing manual updates. Out-of-the-box Veridy integrations enhance Software License Management (SLM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) processes to increase business value.

Save money on software!

Stop re-buying software you already own!

Free-up software fast. Automatically retire assets from inventory. Harvest up-to 90 days faster.

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What happens when an IT disposal vendor sends you a spreadsheet report?

It is impossible to do great things when information is stuck in spreadsheets or sits in silos.

Information needs to be integrated to be useful. But updating records manually is time-consuming and prone to errors.

We help you break the barriers to do great things by easily integrating IT asset disposition (ITAD) data.

Imagine what you could do with accurate, integrated IT disposal data!

One Fortune 50 firm expects to save 2% of their total annual software spend by harvesting software faster.

Standard discovery tools report inaccurate inventory until a timeout is reached, usually three months.

Reclaiming software increases the pool of available licenses, which saves you from re-buying software you already own.

What you could do with  integrated IT disposal data?

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Veridy software is vendor-agnostic and works seamlessly with any existing disposal partner.

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