Track 100% of IT Assets You Retire

Disposal Tags

Third-Party Verification (TPV) & Disposal Tags

Are Critical For Successful IT Asset Disposition (ITAD).

Veridy is Verification & Tags For ITAD

Trust, but Verify

Organizations constantly replace outdated computers. The continuous upgrade cycle has made IT asset disposition (ITAD) a fundamental business process.

Unfortunately, ITAD has become a plaintiff lawyer’s dream come true. While you can outsource activities, but you cannot outsource the ultimate responsibility, especially for safeguarding sensitive data.

Defensible disposition requires independent, Third-Party Verification (TPV).

Verify with Veridy

Veridy automates TPV for ITAD so clients can reduce costs, eliminate risk, and avoid conflicts of interest.

Automating TPV frees staff time spent on routine tasks and offers increased control to ensure better compliance.

Eliminate Missing Assets

Radically improve tracking. Verify chain-of-custody instantly.

Reduce risk and guarantee compliance. Veridy software is vendor-agnostic and works seamlessly with any ITAD partner or system.

Stop Using Spreadsheeto to Reconcile Inventories

Systematically validate tags and serials numbers.

Save time doing manual comparisons. Out-of-the-box Veridy integrations enhance IT Asset Management (ITAM), and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) processes to increase business value.

Solve Problems Together

Work togeher. Stop the finger pointing and blame game.

Sit on the same side of the table. Instead of having he said-she said, finally, work together to solve problems.

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Improve Tracking. Save Time. Reduce Risk.

Veridy is vendor-agnostic and works seamlessly with any existing ITAD partner.

Success with Veridy