Verification for IT Asset Disposition

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Technicians take assets. Computer recyclers lie. Asset managers sweep problems under the rug.

People naturally avoid self-reporting facts that could make them look bad.

Bad actors ruin it for the rest of us.

Technician in datacenter

Trust-based IT asset disposition not only increases the risk of ransomware and data breaches, but it also guarantees you won’t know about any problems until it’s too late.

Trust-based ITAD programs are designed to keep you in the dark. Vendors shield themselves from liability by failing to disclose serious problems.

Ransomware is all over the news right now. But it’s not just gaps in your firewall that these hackers are looking for; it’s your old computer equipment.

Detect, investigate, and stop IT asset disposition threats.

ITAD Facility

ITAD vendors have a dirty secret they don’t want you to know because their business is based on trust. 

The truth is, trust-based ITAD is a vulnerability because it…

  • Fails to prevent or detect incidents until it is too late
  • Exposes your organization to more significant fines and penalties
  • Lets vendors off the hook while you’re left holding the bag

Trust is a luxury today’s organizations can’t afford.

That’s exactly why the Zero-Trust security model is the go-to framework for network security. 

But the Zero-Trust model isn’t just effective in combating modern cyber threats — it’s also the cornerstone of an effective IT asset disposition strategy.

Zero Trust. 100% Accountability.

The maker of Veridy, Retire-IT, began with a mission:  Provide proof, not a promise. Retire-IT has been providing Zero-Trust IT asset disposal for 18 years. 

Retire-IT’s technology-enabled process has helped over 1,000 organizations successfully managed more than 12,000 projects.

Retire-IT’s battle-tested technology is now available to help any organization detect threats. 

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